Streamline orders with virtual Company Stores.

What’s a Company Store?

It's an online store you can set up to manage orders for a specific client, market or event.

Why Company Stores?

Consistent and increased sales.

Having a tool for end-buyers to order their gear facilitates participation.

Automatic payments.

No more chasing down clients for payment.

Easier-to-track orders.

Manage all orders through online tools or export to a document.

Enhanced client relationship.

The streamlined ordering process will improve your relationship with your client.

How can your clients use Company Stores?



Branded Merchandise – Clients' employees can purchase official company-branded apparel, gifts and promotional products.

Employees check out using their own payment method.

Password protection keeps the store available to employees only.

Uniforms – Provide uniforms and other necessary work apparel to employees.

Clients can offer selected apparel and uniforms only to specific groups.

Select a per-employee limit for the amount ordered with points and coupons.



Companies or groups might also choose to sell their branded merchandise to the public.

A Company Store can allow public access to the site with an individual login and require each user to enter payment information at checkout.



These programs are a great method to motivate employees, and a Company Store can make the process easier for your clients.

Assign points or dollar amounts and allow employees to pick their reward from a list of options.

Offer different rewards to different groups, such as 5- or 10-year anniversary gifts.



Use these stores to offer strategically relevant promotional products to a particular market.

Instead of overwhelming customers with all the products available on your website, a targeted Company Store contains products for specific buyers.

Show you’re an expert in a certain field by promoting a website focused only on that market.



You and your clients can use a Company Store to promote a special event or fundraiser.

Offer products branded with the event name and any sponsor logos.

Make the site temporary.


Features of Company Stores


Product Choices

Merchandise your store with your own products or products from almost 3,000 certified ASI supplier members.

Customer Branding

Instantly brand your Company Store by adding your client’s logo to all virtual sample-ready product images.


Company Stores are e-commerce-enabled. You can start selling directly from your site the moment you launch.

Point and Coupon System

Assign coupons or points to users so they can shop only at certain price points.

Password Protected

Protect your site with a password to limit access to only the customers you want.

Store Designs

Select a design for your store based on the theme of the event, market or specific client.

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Company Store Resources


Check out sample sites.

No matter what theme or event you're looking to highlight, there's a Company Store to match.

View tools to help you sell.

End-buyer info and video to help you show your clients they need a Company Store.

Learn more with webinars.

Watch these webinars to learn how to sell and manage Company Stores.

Watch Beginners webinar.

Watch Advanced webinar.

Identify the best clients for Company Stores.

What makes a good client for a Company Store?

Get a list of questions for a proposal.

Learn how to establish the type of Company Store your client needs and what questions you need to ask, and get a project plan template you can use.


Manage inventory.

Learn what inventory program works best for you.

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ASI Company Stores have an average of $360/mo. in orders per store.




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