Use catalogs to drive more web traffic.

Why catalogs?

In addition to having a long shelf life, catalogs are great for encouraging online shopping. When your customer sees products in your catalog, they'll visit your site to learn more and/or make a purchase. Those who shop only online tend to be interested in one item, but your catalog shoppers are likely to make multiple purchases and turn into long-term clients.

What are the benefits?

Generate ideas.

Promote your brand 24/7.

Create a sensory experience.

Drive more traffic to your site.

Increased branding.

Stronger competitive advantage.

How can you use catalogs?

Use them as your business card.

Bring them to meetings, networking events or anywhere else you might meet prospects. Since these catalogs include your contact information, they can act as business cards while giving customers a good idea of what you sell.

Leave them behind at sales meetings.

Don’t leave a meeting without dropping one of your catalogs. This will serve as a reminder of your business options and offer your potential clients a browsing experience that they can also pass along to colleagues.

Include them in orders.

Every time you ship an order, add a catalog to the box. It will give the recipient suggestions for other products they can order from you and keep you top of mind for their next project.

Use them as direct mail.

Send them to customers and prospects in your area as a way to reach new business. If you don’t have a list of prospects, you can reserve one based on the industry of your choice and mail the catalogs directly to them. Reserve your list today.

Pick your catalogs.

Choose from multiple catalogs filled with hundreds of unique and innovative products. Each catalog is designed to inspire ideas and appeal to the industry's top markets.

Browse and order catalogs.

Find local prospects.

Send a direct mail campaign to get more leads from businesses in your preferred area and industry.

Learn more. Reserve list.

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Our group of designers can assist you in designing a variety of print and digital marketing options.

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