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ASI Show Logo Use Policy

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Frequently, supplier members ask ASI Show® if they may use the ASI Show logo for samples to be distributed at an ASI Show event or sponsorship opportunities. ASI suppliers are encouraged to use the ASI Show logos provided you agree to the following procedure:

  1. Be an ASI supplier in good standing.
  2. Be a participating supplier at the event.
  3. Use one of the ASI Show logos (the "logo") displayed in this policy.
  4. Not use the logo as an endorsement of the supplier or product.
  5. Not use the logo in a manner that could dilute or discredit the ASI Show brand.
  6. Not use the logo in an offensive manner.
  7. Only use the logo for samples to be distributed at an ASI Show event in which you are participating as a supplier.
  8. Provide the ASI Show with a sample of your proposed use of the logo at least seven (7) business days prior to the event for which you wish to use the logo. Obtain written permission from the ASI Show for your intended use. Only use the logo in the manner and for the purpose that is approved.
  9. Ensure that you use the registered trademark symbol ® when using the logo.
  10. You may not assign your approved use of the logo to any other party.
  11. You may not use the logo in any manner that is detrimental to the ASI Show or one of its affiliates.
  12. All approvals for and judgments concerning the use of the logo as set forth in this Policy shall be in the sole discretion of ASI Show.