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A monthly webinar series of tips and insight to help you be more successful. Occurs the third Thursday of every month.

Upcoming Webinars

July 2022
The Beginner’s Guide to Instagram Reels
Jacqueline Chaszczewicz,
Senior Marketing Manager, Distributor Services

Instagram Reels are a fun way to showcase products, share more about your business behind the scenes, create engaging video content and more. This webinar will go over how to create and edit a reel, how they can enhance your business strategy, and more!

August 2022
State of the Industry Recap – What We Can Learn
Rita Leybelman,
Marketing Manager, Distributor Services

Let’s dive into the 2021 State of the Industry report, which provides an in-depth look at the current state of the promotional products industry. Learn about new top markets, products and more.

September 2022
The Finance Side of Sales
Abby Koss,
Exec Director of Marketing, Distributor Services

More info coming soon …

October 2022
How to Make Company Stores Your Next Great Sales Opportunity
Rita Leybelman,
Marketing Manager, Distributor Services

Have you heard about Company Stores and all the ways they can benefit your business? Join this webinar where we will go over how you can use Company Stores to boost your sales this year.

November 2022
Planning 2023
Erin Rolo,
Marketing Manager, Distributor Services

Time flies and the new year is almost here, so let's plan for 2023. In this webinar, we'll help you strategize and set goals for the upcoming year.

December 2022
Sales 101: 10 Tips to Boost Your Success
Jacqueline Chaszczewicz,
Senior Marketing Manager, Distributor Services

Learn how to sell solutions, not challenges. Plus, get for understanding your buyers. You’ll walk away feeling more prepared for your next pitch.

Past Webinar Recordings

June 2022
Simple SEO Strategies to Implement on Your Website Today!

Optimizing your website is key for a successful business, especially since most business transactions now take place online. Even basic Search Engine Optimization (SEO) tactics can significantly improve your ranking. Learn about SEO best practices for your website.

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April 2022
How to Use the Global Ad Impressions Study to Sell Promo

The Global Ad Impressions Study is published annually by the award-winning research team at ASI®. It contains a host of important stats and facts on trending products that can help you sell more effectively. Learn improving product recommendations, boosting your pitch decks and more.

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March 2022
Refine your pitches with ESP Presentations

We all know that product presentations make your customer pitches even more effective. Save time by creating them in ESP®! There's no need to switch between multiple programs or rekey product information, and you can customize your presentations to fit your brand.

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Feburary 2022
Expand Your Business with Under-the-Radar Markets

We're all familiar with the top markets in the industry, but what about the other hidden opportunities right in your town? Learn how to target sports programs, the hospitality industry and pet marketing opportunities in your local area.

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January 2022
The Beginner’s Guide to ASI Local Listings and Google Business Profile

Nearly a third of U.S. consumers search online for local businesses every day, making local databases and directories more important than ever. In this session, you’ll receive actionable takeaways and the knowledge on how to enhance your local business reputation, boost online presence and more.

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December 2021
Decoration Techniques and Selling Points

Decoration can seem intimidating, especially for distributors new to the industry, but we’ll break it down into easy-to-understand terms so you can feel confident discussing decoration techniques to your clients.

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November 2021
Planning for 2022

Time flies and the new year is almost here, so let's plan for 2022. In this webinar, we'll help you strategize and set goals for the upcoming year.

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October 2021
Connecting with Customers Using Video

Learn how to create compelling video content to use in your marketing and social media to increase customer interaction and promote your business. You’ll learn how to create engaging content, common mistakes to avoid and more.

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September 2021
Capitalizing on Sustainability

Sustainability has become more prevalent in the promotional products industry in recent years and shows no signs of slowing down. Adding sustainable and eco-friendly items to your product pitches is crucial to satisfy certain markets and potentially differentiate yourself from your competition. Learn how to incorporate sustainability into marketing campaigns, which markets to target and more.

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August 2021
Improve Your Website: 5 Ways to Make a Dramatic Difference

Your website is the face of your business, and it’s important to make sure it looks polished and professional. In this session, you’ll learn five design principles to use on your site to engage visitors and encourage them to stay. Whether you’re looking to improve your current website or create a new one, this session will give you plenty of ideas you can implement right away.

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July 2021
What Your Competition Doesn’t Want You to Know About Sales and Marketing

Improve your sales and marketing tactics with tips to help you uncover promo product opportunities and techniques to close the sale. Learn ways to build relationships and turn loyal customers into advocates. We also go over ASI resources to help you be successful.

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June 2021
Using Stats to Sell: How to Use the Ad Impressions Study to Sell Promo

The ASI research team surveyed consumers in all 50 states to discover which products they prefer and which ones have the biggest impact with advertisers. This research is invaluable in helping you prove the value and effectiveness of promotional products. Join us as we teach you how to use this information in your pitch decks, email campaigns, social media and more.

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May 2021
3 Free Tools to Elevate Your Marketing Materials

Want to grow your business without spending a ton of money on marketing efforts? Look no further than free marketing resources like Canva, Unsplash and Hootsuite. We go over how to utilize these tools in this webinar.

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April 2021
Attract More Clients With Strategic Marketing

To get your business noticed, the key is to use focused, strategic marketing. In this session, you'll learn proven strategies to ensure your brand rises to the top and garners attention to attract prospects.

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March 2021
Top Markets & Products You Should Be Selling Now

Be sure to attend this class if you want to target hot markets for promo products and discover the products they buy most. Learn about the top 5 industries, new product ideas and powerful stats for your perfect pitch.

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Feburary 2021
How to Increase Sales with Free Email Marketing

Learn how to track and customize emails directly in ESP. Learn more about email marketing, why it's important and how to use it to grow your business.

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January 2021
Account Integration

Easily integrate your accounting platform with ESP. Quickly and easily create invoices and bills in Quickbooks using ESP product and vendor data.

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December 2020
Best Products for the Top 5 Industries

Bring ideas to your customers. Learn about the top 5 industries and how to target them with promotional items that make a difference.

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November 2020
How to Show Up Higher in Google Search Results

Let your business rise to the top and show up organically on the first page of Google.

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